Building Prices

Building Prices

Fence & Deck Project Calculator

$30 Per Square Foot

If the fencing exceeds 200 linear feet, you will qualify for a ‘BULK DISCOUNT’.

Building Services

Our experienced team boasts over 16 years of industry expertise, turning your unique fence vision into reality. We simplify the building process with design consultations and end-to-end construction for every fence project. In addition to fences, we also specialize in building pergolas and gazebos. The following prices cover commonly requested pressure-treated lumber, construction materials, and our machine-drilled hole and post setting services.
Our skilled builders have you covered. We use top-grade lumber, offer a hassle-free design process, provide materials, and oversee your project from start to finish. Your satisfaction is our focus. The costs below include commonly requested pressure-treated lumber for the deck base, machine-drilled footings and all construction materials.
(Please note that railings, steps, and other decorative elements are available at an added cost due to the wide range of material options to suit your preferences.)