Post Hole Services

Welcome to our Post Hole Solutions Pricing page.

Our Post Hole Services play a pivotal role in various outdoor projects, ensuring a strong foundation for your structures. From simple hole digging to comprehensive solutions and footings for decks and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Explore our pricing, dig-only alternatives, dig & set solutions, and professional footing installations.  Please note that this page covers the most common services, but we also offer a wide range of other options.

If you don’t find what you need listed here, please feel free to call us for information on additional services, such as chainlink fence post installation, bollard setups, sign post support, post and footing removals, precise measuring for pre-fabricated fence panels, manual digging services, fence repairs, and more!

Minimum Order Charges

Our minimum charges are designed to help cover the costs associated with transportation, equipment, and material handling. We will either charge the specified minimum fee for smaller projects or the per-hole rate, whichever is greater, ensuring a fair and cost-effective pricing structure for your project.  If your city is not listed below, give us a call to inquire. (905) 497-4653

Halton Region

Minimum $600

Oakville, Burlington, Halton Hills, Georgetown & Milton

($500 – Acton), ($700 -Guelph)

Peel Region

Minimum $500

Mississauga, Brampton & Caledon

($800 – Orangeville & Mono) ($600 – Erin & Fergus)

Durham Region

Minimum $600

Pickering, Ajax & Uxbridge

Toronto Region

Minimum $500

North York, York & Scarborough,

($600 – Etobicoke)

York Region

Minimum $500

Richmond Hill, Vaughan, King City, Stoufville, Newmarket, Markham & East/West Gwillimbury,

($600 – Aurora, Stoufville, Newmarket, East/West Gwillimbury), ($700 – Kleinburg)

Dig Only

We can dig from 8 to 36 inches wide!

Our Dig Only services cater to those who need holes from 8 to 36 inches wide. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and specialized projects. Explore our pricing based on a 42-inch depth, featuring a range of diameter options from 8 to 12 inches. Get your project started with our hole digging service.

8 Inch Hole$30
10 Inch Hole$35
12 Inch Hole$40

Dig & Set

We can dig from 8 to 36 inches wide!

Explore our popular Dig & Set service, ideal for customers requiring expert hole digging and precise fence post installation. We provide cement, dig to a 42-inch depth, align and level your posts. Custom depths are available. Discover competitive pricing for various hole diameters from 8 to 12 inches, ensuring your project’s success.

8 Inch HoleSuitable for 4x4 fence posts$50
10 Inch HoleFor gates or fences taller than 7 feet$80
10 Inch HoleSuitable for 6x6 fence posts$60
12 Inch HoleFor gates or fences taller than 7 feet$90


We can dig from 8 to 36 inches wide
& up to an 8 foot depth!

In need of solid footings to support your deck, pergola, or structural project? Look no further. Our team digs to a 4-foot depth (extendable to 8 feet if required), handles sonotube installation, provides and pours concrete, and securely sets your brackets/anchors. Explore our pricing for hole diameters from 8 to 12 inches. Contact us for a custom quote on larger holes, tailored to your specific requirements.

8 Inch Hole$75
10 Inch Hole$85
12 Inch Hole$110